Upcoming events in the companies over the next 18 months

Cleveland Diagnostics, Inc

  1. Completion of a commercialization agreement for prostate cancer test and initiation of marketing.
  2. FDA approval for prostate cancer.
  3. Progress in the development of another test based on this unique technology (breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Alzheimer’s disease).


  1. Completion of clinical trials.
  2. Obtain CE.
  3. Obtain FDA.
  4. Signing strategic cooperation agreements for technology marketing.


  1. Establishment and consolidation of the Company’s overall sales system.
  2. Completing subsequent capital raising as a pre-IPO.


  1. Completion of prototype design and initial production for clinical trials.
  2. Completion of feasibility study in about 30 patients.


  1. Completion of single-use chip development.
  2. Completion of the development of a portable electro-optical device with a built-in microscope.
  3. Clinical pilot trial to prove feasibility.


  1. Adaptation of the existing drug delivery system to cannabis oil.
  2. Conducting clinical trials to prove pharmacokinetics and efficiency.
  3. Start of marketing.