Company Profile

Merchavia Holdings and Investments Ltd. has made many investments in yield-bearing real estate over the years.

While  rethinking the business strategy employed by the company’s board of directors in 2014, a decision was made to gradually exit the company’s investments in real estate and to begin investing in life science. 

Merchavia Life Science Business Strategy

Great potential

Invest in technologies and platforms with high potential for development and commerce of products in leading fields of medicine.

Unique deal flow

Invest in companies, technologies and medical products while collaborating with leading international companies and building unique strategic ties.

Unmet needs

Invest in medical solutions that are in demand and have high market potential.

We believe in focus

clearly focused investments, preferably while joining a leading strategic entity.

Investment Policy

  • Invest in companies with proven preliminary feasibility.
  • Invest in companies with an excellent chance of success.
  • Applying long-term considerations when investing.
  • Reaching the clinical trial phase relatively quickly and avoiding wasted resources.
  • Invest with at least one supporting investor, while preferably investing in a company with a strategic partner.

Share Holding Structure

Merchavia is a public traded in tase
On 30/06/15 the shares allocation have been:
25.52% – The public
74.48% – Entities related and controlled by Goldstein Family and traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. [ Read More…]

Goldstein Family

Owners of an exceptionally broad-scale family real estate company in the USA. Several years ago, the family decided to invest in Israel and purchased a public company for tens of millions of NIS. 

The Board Members

Ilan Goldstein

Certified lawyer (USA) and senior manager in the Goldstein family global business of real estate and growth companies.

Ephraim Gerlitz

Manager of the Goldstein business in Israel .Holds more than 20 years of senior positions, mostly in the real estate business. 

Erez Alroy

Has been a director of the SHL Telemedicine (ticker SHLTN ) since its inception. Prior to his current position as Co-CEO he served as SHL Israel’s managing director. Mr. Alroy holds an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yaron Kaiser

Holds LL.B. Law (2006)  an is an active attorney since 2007.  Yaron is a senior attorney at Glusman & Co. legal firm and is in charge of various aspects of commercial law.

Michal Aharon

With more than 15 years experience in a senior positions, as a Chief Financial Officer.

The Board Members

Eli Arad | CEO

Mr. Arad has served as CFO in Numerous public companies as D medical Industries,  Bio-Cell, Biomedix Incubator ETC.. Eli has vast experience with Israeli startups and has served in numerous leading roles in the Israeli start-up sector. Eli has broad experience in all aspects of financial management as well as experience with Leading private and public placements by institutional investors and private investors. Eli worked at PWC Israel for almost 7 years.

Rani Lifshitz | Chairman of the Board

Attorney and economist with over 20 years of experience in various senior management positions in the fields of finance and energy in Israel and around the world.