EFA develops a device that is used as a portable diagnostic laboratory to perform CBC and other blood tests.

The basic test required throughout the world to the patient that comes with fever and suspicion of bacterial infection is the execution of a blood count. There is a high importance to depriving bacterial infection and refraining from administering unnecessary antibiotics in the event of viral infection only or other parasitology infectious. The most reliable test for locating or rule out a bacterial infectious disease is CBC, which is also the most common blood test in the world. Existing methods today have 24 to 72 hours in response to the count. The delayed diagnostic causes to over-treatment with antibiotic.

The diagnostic system addresses the global need to minimize the overuse of antibiotics, and combines several advantages of ease of use and advanced technology, including a simple operation that does not require special training, and a connective and fully portable device.
All this allows quick obtainment of the results and provision of a correct and appropriate treatment solution.

EfA’s product: RevDx (Revolutionary Diagnostics), is a mobile, portable, handheld, end-point solution that includes an innovative method to perform an automatic computerized “microscopy like” inspection, including a whole blood sampling and an automatic diagnosis of blood count and other applications to be followed. The product is an easy-to-operate, based on a finger prick and without the need for laboratory conditions and specific preparations. The device developed by EFA, which serves as a mobile laboratory, will be a significant complement to the diagnostic market, since it is significantly cheaper to use or set up than expensive laboratory-based testing system.

The company was established in the eHealth Ventures incubator in which the Cleveland Clinic, the Maccabi Health Fund and the Amgen pharmaceutical are partners.