TrainPain is developing a novel digital treatment for chronic pain which is one of the greatest health challenges facing humanity.

The medical technological approach is based on a perception known in the literature, according to which the nervous system is particularly sensitive in chronic pain patients, and by training
the system, pain levels can be reduced.

At the first stage the company plans to focus on patients with fibromyalgia, a disease that affects 3-6% of the population.

In the U.S. alone, chronic pain affects more than 120 million adults, with an annual cost of over $635 billion. Development of non-pharmacological treatments for chronic pain is high on the global health agenda, and a key component of the NIH strategy for addressing the opioid epidemic.

According to marketwatch, the chronic pain treatment market is expected to grow to about
$83 billion by 2024.

The company was established in the eHealth Ventures incubator in which the Cleveland Clinic, the Maccabi Health Fund and the Amgen pharmaceutical are partners.