Cleveland Diagnostics is developing technology to detect cancer early, when it can be treated and cured.

CD’x taken an “out-of-the-box” approach to detecting cancer early. Today, most laboratories rely on the overall expression of biomarkers. These biomarkers, often proteins, are typically overexpressed in the context of cancer. However, it has become clear that a number of non-cancerous conditions can also cause an overexpression of these biomarkers. Therefore, false positives are very common. For example, PSA, which is the biomarker used for prostate cancer screening, can also be overexpressed for benign conditions such as inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary tract infection, and even something as common as riding a bike.

CD’x approach to detecting cancer at the earliest stage is to determine not just the overall expression of these biomarkers, but rather their origin. CD’x have developed proprietary technology that separates protein isoforms, allowing the ability to investigate proteins based on structure rather than concentration. These structural changes directly relate to cancer mutations.

The company’s development portfolio of non-invasive cancer diagnostic tests includes blood-based tests to screen for prostate, breast and Lung cancer.

 The prostate cancer test is the company’s first test. This test is commercialized in United States. 

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