RMDY have developed a platform which provides a cloud solution enabling medical companies and organizations to quickly and easily transfer their management, treatment and contact with their patients to a digital communication via smartphones. RMDY available technology addresses the growing needs by offering complete functionality to establish meaningful and impactful white label digital health services. RMDY’s mission is to offer healthcare and life sciences companies a powerful and flexible platform to bring them to the forefront of the digital realm for increased efficiency and outcomes. With RMDY’s configurable digital therapeutics platform, any medical device, provider, payer, or life sciences company can rapidly become a leading digital powerhouse.

RMDY’s list of clients includes world’s largest medical companies as well as leading medical institutions around the world

Proven Results

A striking examples of the company’s success are the clinical results of a Diabetic patients trial conducted with the company’s systems by medical equipment giant Medtronic in collaboration with IBM:
Among 83% of the participants, a significant reduction of 2 points in HbA1c was achieved, which indicates a dramatic improvement in the health parameters of these patients.

The potential

Currently RMDY is developing significantly, both in terms of technology and in terms of recruiting strategic customers in the US. During the next 12 months, RMDY plans to raise a substantial amount of private funding that could constitute a preliminary funding for the initial public offering of its shares, and increase its revenues.